Searching for BrakePoint, Pedders Suspension or Aznu Sleeving?

We combine all 3 businesses under one roof. To make it simple, we operate under the name BrakePoint.

BrakePoint specialise in brake, clutch and suspension work. Do you also provide general servicing and mechanical repairs?

Yes. While our specialties indicate our expertise in Coffs Harbour brake repairs, clutch replacements and suspension, we also have skilled technicians to assist with mechanical repairs. We service all car makes and models. To book your car in for a service, please phone our workshop.

My car is going in for servicing, do you provide a drop-off service?

Yes. We can drop you to your place of work, to home or any destination in the city. Simply ask us either when you are making a booking or when you drop your car in. Should you need a lift beyond the city, we will do our best to assist you with transport options.

I have parts that need reconditioning. How long does this process take?

In most cases, our work is processed the same day. If you are sending parts in to us, please keep travel time in mind. As soon as they are received, we enter the parts into our system and process them. Any parts requiring freight are then collected either that afternoon or the next day. The only exception to this rule is bonding work.

When is bonding work carried out?

The bonding process takes many steps. First we strip the old materials off and clean the surface before gluing the linings and clamping linings onto the component. It is then placed into a hot oven over a process period to cure the glue at the right temperature.

We conduct our specialised bonding as per customer demand. Therefore please contact us to find out when our next bonding run is being conducted to ensure your items are shipped to us in time.

When can bonded items be collected?

The curing process is followed by a cooling-off period to ensure everything is set before we remove the clamps. We will advise you as soon as the bonded parts are ready to be collected from our workshop.

Do you manufacture your own cables?

Yes. We can make any sort of straight cable, right through to a push-pull cable. BrakePoint & Mechanical Parts manufacture cables for cars, buses, caravans, trailers and heavy machinery. We also make cables specially for marine craft and boat trailers, and meet the needs of industrial, mining and agricultural customers as well.

Can you fit sports or racing brakes for my car?

Yes, absolutely. We have extensive experience when it comes to racing needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you find the right set-up for your car.

What payment forms do you take?

We accept credit card payments in person or over the phone. For customers that are shipping parts to our workshop, payment can be made over the phone, via bank transfer (direct deposit) or by cheque.

Please note, we only accept cheque payments following approval by management. We require advanced notice if this is your preferred payment option. Cheques should be made payable to BrakePoint and forwarded to 48 Marcia street, Coffs Harbour 2450. Please include all of your details (name, phone number, address, driver's licence number) as well as the invoice details. If you have not received an invoice, please note the item details.

We also have a COD service arrangement with Australia Post. Your item will be shipped to the nearest Australia Post outlet, who will then notify you the parcel is awaiting collection. You must make payment to Australia Post for them to release the package.

If you have any questions about our payment options, please speak to our helpful team at BrakePoint & Mechanical Repairs.

How much is freight?

Freight costs are calculated on the size and weight of the item, as well as the destination of the parcel. We work with trusted freight companies to provide customers with affordable, secure shipping. If you would prefer to use a specific freight company, please phone us to discuss the options.

Where do you ship parts to?

We can ship anywhere within Australia. Thanks to the network of freight companies we use, BrakePoint & Mechanical Repairs can arrange shipping for your parts within a reasonable timeframe.

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